Tomoyuki Fujii

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“The live experience encompasses all elements and senses. In contrast, listening in your personal space is private and simple”

When did you start your blog post ambient?
I started my first blog in 2007. I began to gather reviews and articles on ambient, new age, field recordings and soundscape music for my personal reference and then share these. After I published two small zines, I started my second blog “post-ambient”, this was in 2012. “森と記録の音楽” was also title of my first zine which focused on music works using sounds of the forest. I have continued to write introductory notes of lovely music works and translate English texts on my blog

What are your favourite blogs?

Continuo’s Documents is my favorite blog that I have followed for long time. But didn’t know that the french editor Fairon is also active artist with the release of a new CD this year. His blog showed me the way to vintage sound art, weird sculpture and other inexplicable sound.

What are some of your favourite artists from Japan?
Hiroshi Yoshimura
World Standard
Hayato Aoki

Did you ever see these artists perform?

I have seen Hayato Aoki’s solo or duo performance several times. It was great pleasure that he played a small live event I irregularly host in Niigata.

Where is your favourite place to listen to music?

In bed and on the train.

What were your favourite releases of the year?
Julius Eastman – Feminine (Frozen Reeds)
hofli – 木漏れ日の消息 (PNdB-atelier)
Bartosz Kruczyński – Baltic Beat (Growing Bin)