Japanese musician SUGAI KEN combines spatially diffused electronics with abstract percussion and instrumentation. Unusual sounds traverse through his otherworldly electro-acoustic soundsphere.

I started djing in a local hip-hop group with friends in mid 90’s. Around 2005 I began to play in various electronic music scenes, during this time I created my style.
After playing at “Onsen Ongaku”, a music festival held in the Japanese hot-spring district in 2010 I got asked to play lots of festivals across Japan.
The poinc where the two elements of music concrete and instrumental arrangements intersect fascinates me. This is something I like to explore.

What is the scene like in Japan for experimental electronic music?
It is a severe situation. But it is also true that awesome artists exist in the scene.

Who are some of your favourite musicians in Japan?


They are dopest industrial duo in Japanese underground scene.
Their unique sound is produced by many analogue and vintage machines they are one of a kind.
They will release a new album in June.


The tones he creates with his handmade instruments is very avant-garde and unique.
He also made his own version of the “Intonarumori”(The instruments by Luigi Russolo in the 1920’s).


Hayato sings while playing the piano, he has a beautiful style and his live performances are incredible.

What are you favourite venues in Tokyo?
Space Orbit, FORESTLIMIT, Bar Bonobo and Shelter