Shiva Feshareki

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“My mix is very different to the manipulations I do for my NTS Radio shows, as a lot of it was done on my PC not just on my turntables. As someone who had severe insomnia for many years, I didn’t want to give the listener an easy ride. Therefore there’s a cross between deeply hypnotic tones created by me manipulating chimes on my turntables using dubplates, to chopped up noise and percussion which alarm u to wake-up. Then back to meditation then back to fast-paced movement, to keep the insomniacs racing-mind occupied.”

A splendid amalgamation of avant-garde tracks by Shiva Feshareki in the Lullabies for Insomniacs series. The mix is remarkable for its great articulation of diverging sounds, from long form drone, to solo percussion to choral music. Merciless deconstruction strategy – including backward playing, loops and extraneous noises– is sometimes disorienting, but yields huge results in terms of creating an altogether new sound world based on existing sounds. To some extent, it seems musical excerpts have become a mere ductile material Shiva can shape according to her own agenda – which should be the rule of thumb for any DJ, isn’t it? Laurent Fairon

Shiva Feshareki – Cathy Eastburn’s Gong and Gamelan Sound Bath (manipulated using turntables, korg and 12″ dubplates (2017)
Iannis Xenakis – Pleiades (1979)
James Tenney – Spectral Cannon for Conlon Nancarrow (1976)
Buddy Rich – Drum Solo (1978)
Lemon D – I can’t Stop (1996)
James Tenney – For Ann (rising) (1969)
Lee Gamble – Head Model (2014)
Eliane Radigue – l’Ile Re-sonante (2000)
M.E.S.H – Piteous Gate (2015)