Rings Around Saturn


Melbourne producer and DJ Rory McPike (Dan White/Rings Around Saturn) has a busy year ahead. With four 12″s on the way and others in the works, expect to be hearing more from him in 2015. Factmag named him in the top 15 Australian producers to watch and no doubt he will be making waves in the international scene very soon. His LFI guest mix is a brilliant collection of other-worldy electronic soundscapes. Beginning with his own production a song that is yet to be released.

Tell us about you LFI mix?
More or less it’s a collection of songs that I’ve been enjoying lately and a reflection of what I listen to in my own time. It’s also includes songs that inspired my Analogue Attic 12″ in terms of sound design.

How did you get into music production? Do you play any instruments?

I got a guitar when I was 14, I used to jam with my best mates in a band. It was all improvised guitar jams with three guitars and drums, we later added a bass and sometimes electronics. It was the best but I think you always have your own ideas of how you want the song and sound to go. Around the same time I got given cracked copies of Acid Pro and Reason from my friend in the band and started overdubbing guitar over beats and whatever else I made before kinda letting the guitar go in favour for synths and drum machines. Our tastes were probably moving from experimental rock and ambient into like 90’s Warp and Rephlex records stuff.

Pretty much the guys I played with all were making electronic music and we all went to school together, we kinda learned from each other, almost trying to one-up each other every day after school. Someone would make something and send it over and I would think how did they make that, the next day I’d rush home from school to try and re-create it or use the ideas in my own song or beat and send it back and forth over MSN or Myspace. It really was the best way to learn, it probably took me years longer then it should have but I don’t regret it.

Rings around Saturn is a new project that focuses on more ambient compositions, can you tell us a bit about RAS?

I have a large catalogue of music that I’ve made over the years and I wanted to release some music that wasn’t club orientated that had been piling up. I got talking to a friend Andy (who produces under the name Kloke) and he was starting a label called Hidden Waves, he wanted to know if I wanted to do a release with some songs that he had heard in a mix I did and it went from there… At the same time the boys from Analogue Attic asked if I wanted to do a 12″ so its worked out nicely starting the project with 2 releases. The Hidden Waves tape is made up of older tracks, some of them 3 years old and the 12″ was really the first project I’ve done with a deliberate sound in mind. The project is named after a favourite song of mine.

What’s some of your favourite parties in Melbourne?

Sound of Thought
A Colourful Storm
Out of Focus
Body Contact have had a great Summer too

It seems as though a lot of the best parties are one offs though…The smaller gigs with people trying new things and locations, live sets, experimental artists etc.

There are lots of good parties. I’m sure there are more to mention, Loose Joints too but that’s biased.
There’s almost too much going on in Melbourne I think. Its good though.

How did Loose Joints begin?
The other guys pretty much all went to school or were part of the same extended friendship group, I met them because we were all going to the same parties and buying records and at the time we all lived close to each other so we would get together and mix and hangout before going to gigs. We talked about doing it for a long time. Ryan and Ale both moved to the UK and when they came home with a tonne of records about a year and a half ago we decided to finally do something. We all have real similar taste in records from Jungle, Reggae, Boogie, House, Garage, whatever really. We were a bunch of record collectors who needed an excuse to play them out on sound systems really.

What’s one of your favourite gigs you have played?
Playing Live opening for Florian Kupfer a few days before Christmas was amazing, it was with Body Contact party.
Also my first two live sets which were at the Night Owl or Sub Club (as its called now) for the Alleycat gigs. Originally it was called Rhythm City and they had the full Hearticle Hifi system it was pretty amazing to play on. Now with Sub Club they have a version of the system but its not like what it was back then. Either way both of them were wicked parties.

What’s next for you in terms of releases and performances?

Gig wise I have a 5 hour DJ set at My Aeon with Moopie on March the 20th and I’m playing Live at Inner Varnika which will be amazing.
Then I’ve got one other live set on my birthday which is for another birthday which should be a lot of fun, details to come…
I’m gonna take it easy on the live sets after that so I can focus more on production.

Release wise I just had the Hidden Waves tape released and the Analogue Attic 12″ is on its way.
I also have a split 12″ with Khotin (1080p/Normals Welcome Fame) on the label he co-runs Normals Welcome, that should be out very soon.
I Have finished a solo Butter Sessions 12″ that will be out later in the year and a 12″ for the Digital Tsunami podcast, turned label later in the year.
Also a remix for Sydney based Cult Trip for their 3rd record. Right now I am working on a few other 12″s I don’t want to say much about just yet.
There is a few new projects I’m working on and looking for a vocalist to work on some stuff also…