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“I grew up on the shore in the early 90’s, moved to Ghent when I turned 19, went to university, did some things that involved the music I like, found a job, found a princess and took her back to the sea. I am still doing things that involve the music I like. I’m not rich, but my chair is Swiss and I own at least 91% of my all time favorite records…”

Alright then what’s one record from the 9% you don’t have?

I think i’ll go for the Sister Irene O’Connor one! It’s amazing and I never had the chance to get my hands on it

Yes an incredible album from Australian nun Irene O’Connor, interview and story here. Nice selection for your mix, why did you choose these songs?

Since the mix had to be only 30 minutes I didn’t feel like working out a whole conceptual thing, so I just picked some music that came out this year (except for 1) and / or that is maybe nice to listen to at night and / or should need some extra attention because it’s amazing…

Tell us about Stroom TV?

It’s a digital multipurpose room which runs by herself and 12 other musical / visual people. It’s the best thing the post apocalyptical world will have…

Do you have scheduled shows or are they random and impromptu? What determines the content for Stroom?
Sometimes there is a show or a live gig, sometimes a movie or a documentary. There is great music playing on the site all the time with an image that makes you reflect on life.

Tell us the story behind the cover girl/passport photos, is what you have submissions or images found on the net?

It’s a tribute to overall girl sadness and everything that is falling around it. It started with images found on google’s page 26 but now I’m getting more submissions (one better then the other)…
Tell your girlfriends to blow their passport photos to

Favourite gig you have been to this year ?

I’ve been slacking on gigs this year but I’ve seen James Pants in february so I’m kind of ok… Next time you should go for the Favorite-Gig-You’ve-Missed-This-Year…

Ok, thanks for the heads up. Although no excuses Ziggy when we have Boiler Room

Does that cover a live experience?


You have 156 mixes on your mixcloud, if you had to pick a favourite..

Jacques Erard!!The third mix I made since I started doing this nosedrip rollercoaster experience… One of my bff’s was travelling around the world and used to send me over some audio of talks he had with people he met along the road… This one had Jacques Erard, a retired brain doctor from Switzerland talking about swimming with sharks amongst other things… This should’ve been the start of a radioconcept I had in mind but life decided that this took too much time and so I did it differently without having any regrets… But when I’m 54 I’m gonna be super pissed off about everything that is happening around me and the fact that I didn’t went through with the concept of having random audio mixed with the music I liked in general.
Also this mix contains 40% of the “Dirty French Psychedelics” compilation, that has been super important in getting mature and serious and shit…



Maybe your next mix should take inspiration from James Pants “Psychik Almanack”…


Some of our Favourite Nosedrip mixes…