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When were you first inspired to make music?

Actually, it might sound cliché but I never thought I would do what I do now.  I’ve always been obsessed with music, like many teenagers – I was djing in my bedroom facing a wall. During my studies I went to London for an internship where I met a friend who was running a label and touring a lot. He asked me to help and it basically started this way.

Your second release was picked up by Blackest Ever Black, how did this collaboration happen?
Actually at that time I sent a bunch of tracks to a friend of mine, Veronica from Minimal Wave.  I really like Veronica and what she does with Cititrax, she said it wasn’t really fitting for the label but I should send it to BEB. She gave me an email address and I sent the tracks. I wasn’t expecting an answer but two months after I got a reply, they wanted to make a record with me.  You can imagine my reaction as I was a long time follower and admirer of the label.

And what’s your connection to Where To Now? The London label is home for two of your releases.
Yes a tape, which was actually the first December release and a 12′ – I really like what James & Matt are doing with WTN, they release a really wide range of music and genres. It’s always really interesting and refreshing, especially the tapes so it was a good home to launch a new project and try out new musical directions.

Speaking of new projects, you have a 12″ out in a few weeks on Mannequin Records…
Yes, it will be released on December 8th and is tracks I made quite a long time ago. I was impressed by a series of records they released 1 and a half years ago so I contacted them to ask if they would listen to some tracks of mine. I selected  tracks that I thought had a good balance between contemporary “electronic club music blablabla” and a post punk feeling.
Mainly in the productions, these tracks are very dirty and sound like they were made a long time ago  – at least that what I thought.
I think mannequin is an excellent bridge between this early 80’s electronics and contemporary revival which uses the “techno” methods of production.

You have developed a distinctive sound, that has its roots in the post punk and dark wave electronics that the 80’s was notorious for, who are some of your biggest inspirations from this period?
The proto industrial techno of Esplendor Geometrico has had a huge impact on me of course, as well as many post punk bands, Manchester movement, the Belgian New Beat and EBM period, etc actually I don’t want to list all these records we kinda all like i think because i think we all have the same references, don’t you think ?
I’m especially interested in the what’s going on nowadays. Artist like Container or Beau Wanzer or S English who use these influences creatively.

How does your home city, Paris inspire you?

There is a new energy, which is great there are way more parties with way better line ups and events for sure but musically it’s still not very clear ok will leave this out there are really cool labels releasing great music like Gravats, Antinote, Mind Records and Collapsing Market – but I’m not sure there is a very distinctive “proper” Parisian style coming out of this.
My crew see each other a lot, we talk a lot about music, we listen to a lot of records together, we exchange tracks and recordings, that’s the best way of developing a scene.
It is actually the thing that makes it impossible for me to leave this city, this exchanges are crucial to my music and to what I’m doing and trying to do.

Who do you dream of collaborating with ?

I’m instinctively thinking about film makers not musicians or music producers.  I dream of doing something with a film maker like Albert Serra or Carlos Reygada or video artists like Bill Viola or Virgil Vernier