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Constantine P. Cavafy (1863ñ1933) ñ As Much As You Can, read by Stefanos Stratigos
Beat Pharmacy ñ Beach Dub, 7inch, ZamZam Sounds (2015)
Forest Swords ñ Shrine: Original Dance Score, LP, Dense Truth (2016)
Voodoo Tapes ñ Mixed Rituals feat. Breakstarr e Sonakine, from Mixed Rituals, Aquietbump (2013)
Bruckner (Bruckmayr & Loibner) ñ Happy End, 12inch, Moozak (2015)
Lena Platonos – Shadow Of Blood, 12in, Kunstkopf (1985, re.2013)
Jack Dangers ñ Sounds of the 20th Century, flexi (2000)
Guy & Elisabeth Skornik ñ Scoop, from The Fly on the Wall, CD, Cezame (ca.2005)
Meerenai Shim ñ Etude for contrabass flute and TI83+ calculator, from Pheromone (2015)
Foi Pour Pusillanime ñ s/t 7inch (2011)
Jon Appleton & Don Cherry ñ Don, s/t 7inch, Finders Keepers, (2016)
Isnaj Dui ñ Tape Loop, from Euplexia, CD-R, Rural Colours (2014)
Bronius Kutavicius ñ Vieöpaties Roûiu Ilgesys, from Eiles, 7inch, Melodya (1979)
Laurent Fairon ñ loops+processed voice (unreleased, 2016)
Andreas Stahel – Circular Hocket – Wheel Trance I, Tonus Music Records (2008)
Phil Harmonic & “Blue” Gene Tyranny ñ Timing, from Just For The Record, LP, Lovely Music (1979)
Marrach + Bad Poet + Chtin Mara ñ Opus Oratorium, Enough Records (2016)
Mortal Creations ñ Uppsala Tempel, from Vˆlusp· (2015)
Weval ñ I Don’t Need It, from s/t LP, Kompakt (2016)
Epavlis Pavlakis ñ Lone Travellers & Finishing, from Christos Laskaris, CD, Granny Records (2013)
Ghost Flute & Dice ñ Live at Echokammer, CD-R (2016)