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Jelle Hamstra got his dj pseudonym 751 from the street number of his house in The Hague, his the newest edition to the Music From Memory team and has been djing all around Holland this Summer. For his LFI mix Jelle delves into his Latin American crates to create an hour long mix featuring a range of styles including experimental electronics, traditional/pre-hispanic recordings, esoteric folk and organic music.

Your working on a few projects right now, can you tell us a bit about them?

At Music From Memory there’s some amazing music to be unleashed before the end of the year. Following the Roberto Musci retrospective that was just released there is a 12″ by Becker/Stegmann/Zeumer (we have more European music coming on MFM in the near future). The Brazilian compilation curated by John Gomez will be the first release of 2017.

There is a lot of other amazing projects we’re working on at the moment it’s fair to say next year will be really interesting.

Aside from that I’m also working with Young Marco, doing the production for his label Safe Trip (which will see a new release launched soon).

You used to work for Clone records in Rotterdam, what was your role? Why did you move on?

I started studying again, in Utrecht. I was unfortunately unable to combine four days a week of work with school. At that time I was also organizing club nights in The Hague, that’s how i got in touch with Jamie (Tiller), who eventually got me into the label that is Music From Memory.

I used to work in the warehouse, packing and shipping records released by labels distributed by Clone exclusively out to shops around the world. I learned a lot about the distribution side of running a label and about running a label in general.

Whose your favourite artist to come out of hometown, The Hague?

Enno Velthuys.

Enno is a very obscure artist, who only released cassettes. Do you know if the music will resurface?

It’s a shame no one to date has managed to properly put his stuff out. I know it’s been in the works for quite some time now, it should be out anytime soon on Yoga Records, and i believe there’s some stuff of his coming on a forthcoming Light In The Attic compilation called ‘The Microcosm’, but there’s more to come.

For those that don’t know about Enno, here’s a small piece of information i retracted from an article. To give a bit more insight.

“In general, it’s hard to find much information about Enno Velthuys. Part of that is that he died in 2009 and was quite a recluse. Hessel Veldman however knew him personally, and shares his memories about Velthuys with us: “In that period, Enno was living with his mum in his own bedroom in a department flat in The Hague. Visiting Enno was something special. Strange in communication, weird focusing on music in general and solitary-minded. During one visit I remember, we tried to make some music together, because we both played the guitar and were into strange ambient music. It didn’t work out. Enno was specific in encountering music. He couldn’t deal with strange and dissonant sounds. His mind could only handle harmonic, soft ‘kitsch-like’ music. After learning Enno better, we noticed he had very heavy mental problems, caused by drug use during the roaring sixties in the Hague music scene. “We did several cassette issues (of his work) with Exart. But Enno also noticed that (with) being part of this ‘free-cassette & mail network,’ his work also was used by publishers, who didn’t care about sound-quality. Some sound sketches he send around were suddenly issued, without communication about selecting and making agreements. The network and its ‘free way of handling music’ was disappointing for Enno. Plus, his mental condition became worse. “We lost contact, as I was doing more and more extreme industrial & experimental music. I stopped Exart and networking during the ’90s. “Only a few years ago, people started contacting me again about the music of Enno, just because they could hear his music online and they wanted to have more information. But I didn’t know what happened with Enno. One guy, Douglas McGowan, started a search and finally found out Enno had died in 2009, because of cancer. I phoned Enno’s mother, who was still alive and living in the same department flat in The Hague. She told about the last years of Enno, being held in a closed mentally health institution.”

What’s three of your favourite Dutch records?

Anton Heyboer – She And She As One

Internet proclaimed “Crackpot painter known for his polygamous lifestyle” that recorded material for this LP together with over 150 more hours of music. Rumour has it when Anton finished recording the material he kept the tapes in a safe and disbanded the used instruments, until raising interest with a friend who he was telling the story about of the existence this project. It was then realised into an actual LP, released on EMI Holland in 1976.

One And Poli – Catch A Bat

Amazing rather out there experimental/world influenced LP, that was a one off project, released by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam somewhere in 1985. Peter Bosch and Simone Simons being the real names behind this shortlived graduation project from Simon’s study this is a quite standout record i found somewhere alongside the outer edges of the internet. Includes astounding artwork done by Simone Simons herself also.

Michel Banabila – Marilli

Nowadays relatively well known but hard to find killer first LP by Michel Banabila, privately released in 1983. Containing lots of influences and recordings from all around the world (Ghana, India), drawing comparisons to Roberto Musci’s work (comp out soon on MFM!) Banabila beautifuly ties together the world of organics and synthetics. It’s an utter shame mister Banabila refuses to reissue this LP. It’s a well known thing that he quote on quote “hates” this record, and I recall having conversations with him about this LP via facebook messenger with him, Banabila only liking about two tracks of the original LP, and him wishing me luck with listening to it when i finally managed to track down a copy.